rocklea estate


kangeroo valley, nsw

Once in a lifetime, you may be fortunate enough to experience a property that transcends its space, embracing a deeply spiritual landscape, with such raw beauty that no words or pictures could ever do it justice.

Rocklea is a property and experience above anything you could ever imagine. The land is geographically fascinating, with historic native rainforest, set against the rugged backdrop of Morton National Park. Your senses are overwhelmed by the exquisite natural Australian landscape, the smell of rich, earthy, country air and the sound of Kookaburra's larking in the trees. Your intuition will tell you the site is spiritually significant and you will feel truly connected to the land.

A visit to this spiritual haven is matched only by the sheer grandeur of the residences which grace the land. The homestead and studio occupying this phenomenal property are a truly unique and bespoke architectural nod to Australia's colonial past, tempered by luxurious finishes, which perfectly meld history and modern design.

These residences are the creative culmination of three exceptionally talented Melbourne designers, whose vision and appreciation of Australian history have inspired one of the greatest architectural projects this area has ever seen. They are composed of unique historical artifacts; original lead light doors from the old Bank of New South Wales, charming Rosewood stairs and hardwood from the old Freemantle Wharf.

From the luxury of these breathtaking residences, you overlook mountain ranges, plateaus and escarpment with an ancient geological history. The main homestead is seated on 97 acres consisting, a fresh water spring, rainforest walks and biodiverse native flora and fauna. Creeks, spectacular rock formations, and species of trees including Red Cedars, Turpentine, Box, and Eucalyptus abound. Wedged Tail Eagles soar overhead, whilst "Wal" the Wallaby grazes on Lemon Tree Hill, near an orange grove reminiscent of the original dairy farm that once inhabited this land for generations.

Rocklea, is a legacy property. It is a special gift that celebrates the land, human spirit and ingenuity


Ideal space for - 

corporate retreats, photoshoots, filming, weddings & private intimate events



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